First Install of PaymentSense Version 3.

We added 2 more touch screen tills (now 4 in total) to a customer’s pub but ran into issues with their PDQ machines. They are using PaymentSense version 2 terminals which only allow 1 till linked to 1 PDQ machine. How do we connect 4 tills to 2 PDQ machines? Easy! They contacted PaymentSense who remotely upgraded their terminals to version 3. We then remotely installed the new ICRTouch PaymentSense interface on each till. A visit to the pub to do the final testing (which only took around 30 minutes) and we’re ready to go.

Our customer now has a flexible and easy to use card payment set up. Any till can access any card terminal. We can configure tills to only see the nearest card (PDQ) terminal or any/all of them.